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Sustaining Women in Leadership

A concerning challenge for business women is growing.

Women in business face many challenges, but this one is the most concerning – workplace mental health, wellness, and burnout.

According to Kristin Durney, co-founder of Mental Wellness Unleashed, "The level of burnout we are experiencing as a culture — women especially — has become the number one issue affecting productivity in the workplace. It affects our ability to be resilient, perform self-care and be open about our challenges to get the support we need."

Some jarring facts you should know:

​​🤯 An estimated 43% of women leaders feel burned out, compared to only 31% of men who are at the same level.

🤯 Black women leaders are more ambitious, but less supported at work, ranking near last in experiencing sponsorship, allyship, and psychological safety at work.

🤯 Only 15% (74) of Fortune 500 company CEOs are women.

🤯 Women leaders are leaving their jobs at the highest rate in history.

By solving work-related mental health and burnout problems for women in leadership positions, many other challenges can be improved as well.

Be proactive and check out the resources below to start your journey.

Working Woman’s Wellness Corner

Workplace wellness resources to support working women everywhere:

🧡 Women@Work Summit 2022 - watch the replay!


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